BUSY 2011: 2 new vids, Gina Starbuck released, & LA gig with the Hebrew Mamita

It’s high time I blog.

Life’s been wildly busy and fun. This month I’m shooting 2 music videos.

The 1st one, for “Broken People”, has been planned. Chad Kukahiko directing. We’re shooting that one next week-end. It’s going to be heavily narrative and dark, equal parts short film and music video.

The 2nd video, for “Message”, was a bit of a surprise for me. Some good news for the song is in the works that may give it a little attention, but it’s not finalized yet so I’m not gonna let the cat out of the bag. The video was shot last week by a killer team from Israel. Director Lior Molcho and DP Danit Sigler were recommended to me on separate occasions by two different friends. Shooting the video was a magical and positive experience from start to finish. It features dancers in unconventional settings. The movement was overseen by Scott Hislop. I can’t WAIT to share this video with you, hopefully within the month.

My friend and uber-talented client, Gina Starbuck, has released her gorgeous EP, Pieces Of My Mind. I’m co-writer and co-producer on the project. You can buy the EP now on ITUNES!

I’m also scoring my first indie FEATURE which I’ll be digging into this month. I’m really looking forward getting this one under my belt.

I’ll be performing an acoustic set with spoken word genius Vanessa Hidary who opened for me at my CD release party in NYC. It will be upstairs at Malo in Silverlake on March 9th at 8pm. You’ve GOT to see Vanessa do her thing. She’s major.

The website is about to get a facelift too, and I’ll have some awesome remixes for “Message” coming soon. Lots and lots of production!

The ironic thing about blogging is that I get sick of talking about myself. Mostly, I prefer promoting my fellow artists. Maybe I should become a manager. 🙂

Keep doing your dreams. XO

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