2 vids, 4 remixes an acoustic show & a TV placement

What a great month.

First off I got a nice TV placement for my song “Message” on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. What a thrill. You can watch the episode on hulu. My song plays 13 minutes in.

I have 4 killer remixes in the works. Due for release the end of March.

Also, I’ve got an acoustic show that I’m sharing with The Hebrew Mamita (AKA Vanessa Hidary) on Wednesday, March 9th at 8pm. It’s upstairs at Malo in Silverlake. Follow this link to the facebook invite. Hope you’ll make it.

Lastly, 2 music videos coming at ya for “Message” and “Broken People”. Both were shot this month and they are currently being edited. Here are a few awesome stills from the “Message” shoot.


Top left: Leo Moctezuma, top right: Tiffany Daniels, bottom center: Stella Choe

Photos by: Tami Bahat

That’s it for the moment. Tune in for updates and thanks for your support from the bottom of my heart.

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