New piano, New year, Newly charged.

Inspired by an iTunes impulse download of my favorite teen-age party album, Violent Femmes self titled album from 1983, I’m inspired to NOT get overly significant about my first blog of the new year and POST!

The big New Year news for me is that I scored an awesome/just like new Yamaha upright off of Craigslist. I saw the post the day before Christmas for THE piano I wanted for an amazing price. The day AFTER Christmas I drove up to Acton, roughly an hour away, to check out the piano, cash in hand with the full intention of bringing the piano home with me save any unpredictable issues. I had a strong feeling that this was the piano. I arrived to meet the owner, a 95 year old woman who had purchased the piano new in 1979. She was moving in with her daughter after a stroke that she’d miraculously recovered from, though she was still in need of supervision. It was double love at first sight. I sat down to play the piano and knew immediately. When I told the owner that I wanted it, she happily ran over and hugged it goodbye. Then she asked me to play her something and I asked her to play for me. She played “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Today I got it tuned, and I’m madly in love with this instrument. I’m convinced that I’ll keep it until I’m a 135 year old man and I’m ready to pass it on to the next appreciative artist.

I’ve spent the holidays producing away! I’m working with 4 artists on their albums or EPs & it’s beyond rewarding. Below and to the right is a crappy camera phone pic of Nate Morton, a BRILLIANT drum player who plays for Cher among others, tracking drums for “L O V E”, a sweet song written by 12 year old Payton Hare with a little help from yours truly. I’ve also been blissfully working with guitar god, Sean Horwitz, and bass playing diva, Vivi Rama (who’s been most recently been touring with Orianthi). When you work with the best musicians, it makes producing records much easier and more fun.

I also enjoyed going to an art showing and performance of Carmen Perez at a Latino focused art gallery in Pasadena. She was wonderful as usual.

Outside of that I’m stoked (yeah, I said stoked) about 2011! More music and performances, a continued mission to encourage and foster burgeoning artist to realize their dreams, songwriting, producing, eating healthily and staying fit, appreciating and supporting the ones I love, enjoying life and laughing a lot.

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  1. Jen says:

    What a wonderful story! Wish I knew more about my cello. How did it get that scar? Did someone ever love it?


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