Success through Tenacity

I wanted to share a few videos that have inspired me this week:

Skyline is the boyband that I mention frequently in blogs because 1. they rock, 2. they are awesome guys and 3. I’ve been their music director from the get go. A few months ago Skyline was signed by an independent label called Star Club with a savvy business model and what appears to be a healthy bank account! This week Skyline released a cover of “Airplanes” on Youtube and it’s about to hit a 100,000 views.

And from another continent altogether, my friend Catherine Feeny posted this video of a live performance shot by What Else Magazine in Berlin with her group, “Come Gather Round Us”.

Come Gather Round Us from WhatElseMagazine on Vimeo.

You might know Catherine best from her song “Mr Blue” which was featured in the film Running With Scissors a couple of years ago.

If you are an indie artist, I am posting these videos to inspire you to action. I think the winningest (yeah, I just made up a word) quality that these artists share is tenacity. And I don’t believe we’ll see them give up any time soon.

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