Stars in the making: Gina Starbuck & Giulietta

Neither of these two up and comers are overnight successes. They’ve both been working their cute booties off for years.

First, Gina Starbuck. Gina is one of LA’s most successful and resourceful dancers & choreographers. Her foray into singing was the LA production of WIcked with Adam Lambert a few years ago. She’s been studying voice with me for a few years and about 4 months ago she came to me for help in getting some songs written and produced for her. It’s always fun to write for my singing clients because I know their voices and can utilize their strengths as singers when writing songs for them. Gina is uniquely professional and prepared. So our process has been moving quickly. The first 2 of 4 songs for her EP are complete and here they are. We’re both really proud of the product.

Sky Is Falling by Gina Starbuck
Power of the Uh by Gina Starbuck

Second, is an artist you are familiar with if you read my blog. Her name is Giulietta and she’s a driven and talented young lady from Australia. She has an album out that I co-wrote the title song on called Ascension. Coincidentally, she was introduced to me as a vocal client by dancer/choreographer JJ Villar who was managing a Summer of “Pop Star Bootcamp” for her this past year. As we were discussing her I started to realize that she was the girl I’d cowritten “Ascension” for with producer Ellis Miah. Small world. So here’s an awesome new remix of the second single from her album, “Vertigo”.

Happy Holidays to one and all. It’s been a joy developing and fine tuning this blog over the past year. I hope it’s been entertaining & informative for you!

Lots more to come from some of the most brilliant, driven and unique talents of LA and elsewhere. XOXO KP

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