Great performances, interviews & videos wrapping up 2010

OK y’all back from a long blog break! 2010 has been an amazing, crazy wild ride of a year. Life is good.

It would be impossible to catch up on all the awesome shows/gigs I’ve seen in the past month. Last week alone I saw Diana Meyer of Diana Gone Wrong do an unplugged set at the Cat Club (favorite gig dive-bar), Matt Von Roderick rocked the Whiskey & my singing client Ashley McNertney sang for the first time EVER in Glendale and brought the house down with her quirky personality, beauty and powerhouse vocals. It feels like I’m doing some greater good when an artist like her is born and I have had a little something to do with it.

Then there was Gina Katon’s LA debut of her new group, Gina Katon and the Eastern Block, at The Viper Room. In my humble opinion this was one of THE break-out performances of 2010. Gina Katon is a modern day Marilyn Monroe exuding fearless sex appeal and purring out silky rock vocals like she’s been doing it for years. The music, produced by her talented boyfriend, Marc Jordan who also plays drums in the band, is a neo-trip hop feast for the senses sans the morning hangover.

Renaissance woman Carmen Perez released this charming music video for a song that I am co-writer on called “Velas”.

Also, Karen Williams, a client & friend of many years released her music video for the song “Baggage”. The song was produced by my buddy Seth Von Paulus.

Speaking of videos, I’m shooting a video for “Broken People” in early January directed by my talented friend of more than a few years, Chad Kukahiko. Check out the personal blog of this bleeding edge artist. The production team rocks so I’m pretty sure the video will too. 😛

Here’s a music geeky interview/podcasts that I did about the release of my album, Sell Out. We debated analog vs digital music production.


I’m doing an interview on Sunday, December 19th at noon (not sure of the time zone) that you can tune into called Hollywood Hot Spot. It’s a new blog/talk radio show and I’ll be their very first interview. Kinda reminds me of the first day MTV aired…and THIS was the first video they played!

I’m producing for 4 artists right now, Kurtis Simmons (photo on right), Gina Starbuck (photo on left), Georgiana Tarjan and Payton Hair. They are, all four, super fierce in very different ways and I can’t wait to share this music with you.

Also, very exciting things happening with Open Artists With Open Arms. Get ready for some mind blowing stuff from this artistic collective in 2011.

Happy Holidays to you all. KP

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