We Are Golden SUCCESS, Dance Track Magazine, P!nk supports equality & other good stuff!

I’ve finally recovered from the big Open Artists benefit for Lifeworks, We Are Golden…and the concert was SICK! I performed Broken People with Diana Meyer from Diana Gone Wrong, Kina sang her face off in a thrilling rendition of “Me” with steppers, Perry & Etty headlined the show with DJ Chris Cox, a mini vogue ball competition judge by Brian Friedman and Carmit Bachar blew the roof off of the venue, and that’s only the half of it! We managed to create an awesome underground, east coast concert celebrating artistic innovators. AND it was 110F! That part wasn’t cute. AND…we won’t talk about how bad the sound sucked because we like to focus on the positive right!?!?

Point is, I’m back and excited to promote my album, shoot a music video for “Broken People”, and spread the word about some great indie artists and performances here in LA.

I also want to acknowledge P!NK for her stand on equality for all! Here’s a vid of an amazing speech she gave at an HRC event at which she was honored:

Also, her new single, “Raise Your Glass” is a salute to the underdog. Word on the street is that the setting for the video will be a gay wedding. Werk P!NK. Period.

A friend, client and fellow artist Sandra Colton has printed a first glorious issue of her new magazine, Dance Track! It looks super slick. She kindly wrote an article about “Open Artists” and a review of my album. Here’s a link. I bought my hard copy and can’t wait to recieve it in the mail. Let’s all support her endeavor and buy a copy. Here’s a link.

Also, forgive the shameless self-promotion but here’s a cool pop quiz I did for Popolio. It’s a fun format. I’ll for sure follow this blog in the future.

Finally, here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Broken People”, a duet on my album Sell Out with Diana Meyer of Diana Gone Wrong. Music Video for this song coming before year’s end.
06 Broken People by Kyle Puccia
Let’s all be artistic killers this week and go after our dreams with a vengeance! XO

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