Melissa Etheridge & “We Are Golden”

Last week-end I had the pleasure of attending Melissa Etheridge’s Fearless Love concert in Las Vegas. Aside from playing the heck out of EVERY instrument on that stage, she sang her face off, communicated with her audience intimately, and inspired us with her prolific, iconic music and her amazing life stories. I also had the pleasure of meeting Melissa before her performance thanks to my friend Paul Anthony Castro who does her hair and make-up on the tour & she was as sweet and personable as one could imagine.

Next stop, “We Are Golden”. The show is approaching us quickly. We’ve got an amazing show planned with cutting edge performances, aerialists, dancers, a mini-vogue ball, and more. Our host is THE Alec Mapa who recently took OVER The View! His wicked humor and wit takes the show to another level! Jody Watley will give an intimate, private performance in the VIP room. Other performers include AB SOTO, Guy B, Diana Meyer, That Rogue Romeo & myself. Lee Cherry, director and producer of The Zodiac Show & brilliant celebrity photographer, has stepped in to co-direct as Kevin Stea is going on tour with A.R. Rahman for the next few weeks. Here’s an amazing photo of Adam Lambert taken by Lee Cherry.

For a limited time discounted tickets are being offered for our “starving artist” friends. Go to this link and enter the promo code “starvingartist” to get your ticket for 10 bucks. Regular ticket price is $25 so I’d suggest you do it now. These tickets are limited.

Here’s a video of our host, Alec, on The View.

Here’s a vid with highlights from last year’s amazing concert!

The event is on Sept 27 at Arena nightclub in Hollywood.

Oh yeah, and bring glitter!

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