Touched, Matt Von Roderick, and SELL OUT!

What a week!

Sell Out is officially mixed!  Seth von Paulus and I have burning the midnight oil on this project.  I’ve learned that mixing is at least HALF of making an album.  Seth brought a few of my tracks from “album filler” to “single” quality.  I am eternally grateful.  As if it could get better, Joe Bozzi is mastering the album this week-end by Joe Bozzi at legendary Bernie Grundman Mastering.  My manager may kill me but here’s a version of the album cover.

Maybe a little leaky leaky next week???  Stay tuned!

This week-end is the week-end of the reading of the new rock musical I music directed and did vocal arrangements for, Touched.  Do yourself a favor.  Come and witness this gorgeous piece.  It’s going places.

Matt Von Roderick will be performing at King King this week-end & under the direction of Tony Nominated Kristin Hanggi, expect a broadway extravaganza!  Here’s a link to an article about him from the Huffington Post.  I coach Matt on his vocals, I helped him with his vocal arrangements and I ended up singing back-up for him as well!  …and I’m playing knee cymbals!  (kidding on the knee cymbals)

Matt’s Huffington Post Article

Off to rehearsal at King King…have an awesome, productive, creative day!

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