CD Release info, Jonte, Praying Small up and running, MD-ing a new rock musical in July & some other random goodness!

I haven’t posted in weeks! The MAJOR excuse I have is that I’ve been finishing up production for my 3rd full-length CD, Sell-out. I’ll spare you the gloriously gory details, but I will tell you that 5 of the tracks are co-produced by the brilliant Ellis Miah & 4 are co-produced by a tremendous artist named Kazzer . Track 10 will be the version of Hallelujah that I’ve been performing around town for the last 5 years or so, produced by yours truly. I’m beyond excited that Seth Von Paulus who runs shop and engineers at Linda Perry‘s studio will be mixing the tracks.

I produced vocals for Jonte a few weeks ago.  Incredible artist.  First off, he showed up the first day of recording in an emerald green beauty queen/talent competition dress, some high-ass heels and a full face of make-up. Flawless. He was performing at “United For A Cause”, a charity event at The Highlands in a few days and had 4 tracks without proper backing vox recorded on them. We rocked it out in my studio and he blew the ROOF off of The Highlands. No wonder it’s said that Beyonce and Rihanna got their style from Jonte!

Praying Small opened at the Noho Arts Center a few week-ends ago. I got hired originally to compose original underscoring for this play, but at some point I was hornswoggled into doing ambient sound effects for the play as well. I spent about 50 hours total on the sound effects which were cut a few days before the opening to everyone’s great relief!  Frankly, because they were horribly distracting to the play. We’d perceived this from the start, but I come from a theatre background and I was taught to give the director what he wants. 50 hours later… Anyway, go check out the play. It’s wonderfully written and acted and my original music remains the underscoring for the play.

I’ll be music directing an LA reading of a new musical that Kristin Hanggi, director of Broadway’s Rock Of Ages & Ben Dector, an LA film and TV composer are developing. The reading will happen in July. Anything Ms. Hanggi involves herself in is a project worth being a part of. I’m honored to be working with her again.

I’ve got some gigs coming up. The shows that are booked are my New York CD release performance and Open Artist’s “We Are Golden” benefit concert here in LA. My NYC release party is Monday, August 9th at 8pm at Rockwood Music Hall. For you New Yorkers, it will mark my first performance in New York City in over a decade. Yikes! The “We Are Golden” concert is on Monday night, September 27th at Arena Night Club in Hollywood, CA. We have some big names for you this year, all to benefit Lifeworks‘ mentoring program for LGBT&Q youth. I will also be doing a CD release performance in Los Angeles and in my hometown of Watertown, NY in August. More info to come!

Also producing music for Kelly Meyersfield, Phoebe Carter, Kurtis Simmons and some other uniquely talented artists this Summer.

Here’s a vid of an artist I’m working with named Giulietta that I’ve mentioned previously. This is an unplugged version of her first single, “Here We Go (again)” arranged by us and shot and recorded in my studio. She’s MAJOR.

That’s all I got. Word to yer mama. XOXO KP

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