Songwriting, Vocal Coaching, Megalomaniac Vid & Skyline

-Been a great week for songwriting.  Ellis Miah (his pooch Roscoe on left), Seth Van Paulus and I are working on a country song for a stunning 16 year old Native-American girl.  She is the new Patsy Cline with an iconic, rich, classic voice well beyond her years.  The song is being written on top of a sweet and brilliant guitar motif that Seth came into the session with.  I also started creating a new song with Guy B and Leo Moctezuma.  -A good one too.  I hope we finish it.

Darryl Stephens and I are constantly working on our original soundtrack for a movie we’ve written.  I can’t wait for the first reading.  I’m excited to hear how it reads.  The potential for this project is SCARY.  The songs are fun.  We’re kinda giddy about it.

I don’t talk about it much but I’m also a vocal coach.  It’s beyond rewarding on a regular basis.  I work with some pretty extraordinary artists.  I ALSO music direct.  Hello Mr. Hyphenate!  Tonight I had a productive rehearsal with a boy band I M.D. called Skyline (in photo below).  We are back to work after a short hiatus.  The group has gotten their business together, they’re working with new management & now they’re putting together an EP that they can shop to labels.  It’s a matter of time for them.  They are talented, good guys.

I have a bunch of other projects rolling around in my head that I’ve got to put down on paper.  I’ve got a little creative bottle-neck happening.  It’s time for a plan of action.  I’m obsessed with finishing what I start & I’ve got a TON of writing and producing to do for various projects.  But I’m getting it done… sometimes I just have to relax and not get wound up about it.

I finished editing my “Pop Goes The World” Performance but I haven’t figured out how to add video here yet, but a link I CAN do.  This video was my first experience with editing in Final Cut Pro.  I’m in LOVE!  -Kicks IMovie’s ass.  😛  To get things done as an independent artists, you’ve gotta be a one man band.  Producer, editor, promoter, booker, publicist, etc.  Look ma, I’m a video editor.  😛


Have a great week!

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