House painted, week in progress & this weeks top tracks!

my houseOK, let’s see if I can rock this WordPress bloggy situation!  I was using Google’s blog tools before Chad Kukahiko helped me get up THIS site.

GOAL:  Keep it short and sweet this week!

First off, for those of you who don’t know me and/or live in LA, this is my cozy & humble abode.  I just painted it which was a four month extravaganza that I thought would take two weeks tops.  But it’s pretty near done and I can move onto bigger and better thangs.  And that is that.  Scene.  😛

2010 is feeling good so far.  I’ve got a bunch of projects cooking, one of my best pals on the planet, LEO, is home from the P!NK tour, I’ve been contacted for a couple interesting producing/recording projects & I’m back to eating well (also LESS!), exercising & chilling on the booze (I love the word booze, don’t you?)…YES.  I’m feeling great.

Tonight, I’m tackling Final Cut Pro.  I’m slightly intimidated but I’ve always got performance video to edit & iMovie just ain’t cutting it, especially when lip synch is involved.  I might break down and get a six pack at the corner bodega before the night is out.  -So much for drinking less booze in 2010.  😛

The other big project is the album…another overwhelming, huge-ass project.  I had an amazing phone meeting with Rich Overton, a brilliant music manager/PR/hustler I’m going to be working with this year.  We discussed the differences between doing an LP and a full-length album.  I was leaning towards LP (less than 10 songs) for financial and time reasons.  Time and money:  the two greatest excuses on the planet for artists!  Can I get a witness?!

Well, apparently an album (10 plus tracks) is given more attention than an LP (less than 10) by magazines, reviewers, etc.  Currently, I’ve got 8 tracks for the album, which would make it an LP.  -So we discussed alternatives for adding 2 more tracks.  I could (and probably will) add 2 tracks with minimal production (AKA me & a piano), but the challenge will be to create a cohesiveness between these piano songs and the rest of the album.  In short, I’ll figure it out.  Deadline to finish album?  April 1.  In the meantime, I’ve gotta find some genius up-and-coming producers to do remixes for my dance single, “Missing You”.  Any suggestions?

Short and sweet…right.

I thought I’d share my track favorites for the week.  Click on the song titles for a listen!  Have a beautiful, productive week.  😛  KP

Mary J Blige:  Kitchen:  This song is fun and clever.  Songs this clever are NOT easy to write.  Quintessential Mary.  One of my all-time favorite voices in popular music.

Robin Thicke:  Sex Therapy:  No description needed.

Alicia Keys:  Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down:  Much better than the radio version in my opinion.  A nostalgic love letter to New York.

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