Season Of Peace – Duet by Anthony Starble & Kyle Puccia

Anthony Starble & I wrote a holiday song the day after the Orlando shooting at Pulse.

We wanted to write a song of hope to help us through the many heartbreaking events that the world has endured this year. I had a vision for a music video to share with the song’s release and Justin Equality Jones created a piece of art beyond our dreams. I pray that this video gives you hope for the future of America and the world as we go into the holiday season! Feel free to share if you feel like it’s a message your friends and family would be inspired by.

I’d also like to give a shout out to my dear friend Joe Bozzi for mastering the single!

Also, the single is available on iTunes if you’d like to add it to your holiday playlist.…/season-of-peace-sin…/id1184599767

“Bonfire”, a record I cowrote with Miss Li, is currently the most played song on Swedish radio

I’m so grateful to have cowritten this one with the incredible Miss Li. Stay tuned for more songs off of their forthcoming album.

Back Into Your Heart – Cowrite w Matthew Szlachetka – at Hotel Cafe

What a joy to witness Matt playing our song “Back Into Your Heart” at Hotel Cafe last night w/ Jeff Silbar, who wrote “Wind Beneath My Wings” playing and singing along. HEAVEN.

Puccia Cowrite: Miss Li releases Bonfire on Sony label

Earlier this year, I travelled to Stockholm, Sweden to cowrite on Miss Li’s new album. They’ve become great friends and I’m so proud of their first single, Bonfire. It’s in frequent rotation on Sweden radio and has been hovering at 20 on the Swedish iTunes singles chart. ENJOY!

World premier of our new musical, Hipster Sweatshop, at Rockwell Table & Stage in LA on May 31st

I’m very proud to present a new musical that I’ve written with Darryl Stephens and Kurtis Simmons called Hipster Sweatshop:

When super-stylish Siri, heir to the Melon real estate empire, inherits a commercial property in Downtown LA, she is expected to evict the current tenants to prepare for renovations and ultimately, gentrification. However, she is compelled to rethink that plan when she visits the space and is charmed by the staff of millennial tastemakers selling and making high-end jewelry for Parker, the fame-obsessed, ego-maniacal shop-owner. Falling hard for Jesus, the shop’s sexy FedEx guy, and bonding with her new co-workers further weakens Siri’s resolve to kibosh the spot. A reality TV show, some drug experimentation, a little class warfare, delicious vegan donuts, and a few syncopated hand claps all come into play as the fate of the PRKR Jewelry Boutique unfolds… in SONG!

Hipster Sweatshop Rockwell Poster